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Mission Statement

Relentlessly aiming to satisfy customers with the utmost care and quality, taking pride in the integrity of developing, Demonstrating, and exhibiting sustainable, affordable reliable products and services which will reduce clients’ energy costs as well as or earn supplementary income without damaging the eco-system.


The Company

Voltage Technology’s core products are solar-powered renewables. Renewables, for example, a client may require energy generation, security, entertainment, beautification, and or education. Each client is serviced with enough knowledge to enlighten them about savings and the mechanics and reliability of renewable energy.

Some of the products Voltage offers are Solar Generators, Solar Street Lights, Solar Security Cameras, Solar Garden Lights, Toys, Cookers, and Coolers.


Education is the primary factor in Voltage Technology’s customer support service. Our Client Satisfaction Representatives (CSR) strives to please each client with the utmost professionalism and knowledge base they need to make an informed decision.

– Voltage Technology Management Team

Photovoltaic Panel Installation

Affordable Safe Certified Renewable (A.S.C.R) energy consumption plan.

Our inhouse Generator (GENESIS) is designed to provide lighting for any residence by fixating our solar powered box on a post in the yard leading power to the lighting of the property; Voltage Technology offers sensible packages of panels, inverters and storage units to suit any size residence.

Voltage Delivers

With a fleet of 10 package delivery drones currently operating in areas of Florida and California USA.

Voltage Technology is intentioned in paving the way in revolutionary autonomous delivery in Jamaica for year 2021 – 2022. Our vision will begin by servicing farmers with affordable transportation of ground provisions from the remote sections of their farms to a location for distribution or transportation to a specified location. Our delivery drones are capable of transporting up to 35lbs.

Renewable Sensibility

Solar energy will save you money while beautifully enhancing the aesthetics of your home or office.

Replacing older models with energy efficient, inverter powered appliances can drastically decrease costs of consumption. Offering Go-Green solutions encourages clientele to save money
by using Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.) and or installing solar systems at their business and or residences.

Voltage Technology light in your world!!!

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