MO NICOLE a second-generation FEMCEE female lyricist extraordinaire, raised in Wilmington, DE. At a young age, she took an immediate liking to Michael Jackson and B.I.G.

As an only child; hip hop/music became MO NICOLE’s escape from the cold world surroundings of Riverside Projects. Since ten years old, her lyrics and style groomed her into what she is now.

MO NICOLE’s rap/rhyme style became further nurtured by her mother, musically known as “Butta.” Butta was a well-known lyricist of her time.

Thank you “butta”

“MO,” as her friends and family affectionately call her, has been rapping for over ten years. MO NICOLE has performed for COAST TO COAST MIXTAPES, THE RISE OF EVE has headlined multiple showcases and events.

Her much-anticipated debut EP, “Butta’s Baby,” was released 12/11/2020.

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