Aje DeCap Shaluba, born in Kingston Jamaica March 1,1980 is the last of five children. With an Anglican background the family was a strict organization filled with highly intellectual people, for some reason Aje DeCap remains number five.

“I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong!”

The first decade of life torn between town and country, St. Andrew to St. Catherine remains blurry for Aje. 1990 stands out as in that year Aje was “exported” to Boston Massachusetts where he went to school in a predominantly white educational system.

“When I first walked into the school the first thing I noticed was the single other black student in the classroom.

By 1998 Aje Shaluba was serving the United States as a solider in the military. Many years and shortcomings later found Aje with his first son, holding him for the first time, sitting in Cambridge Jail.

“Even to this day, I wonder. Why couldn’t I have grown my child?”

2004 found Shaluba, not returning home to his brand new family however, home to the land he was borne. Kingston Jamaica greeted him with bright sunshine and an entire day at Central Police station for incoming deportee proceedings.

Aje DeCap Shaluba conceded to building the music label namely BWE Records to assist in creating an impact on Jamaican society through promoting positive musical utterances.

“The mission of BWE is simple, find the pieces to the puzzle and assemble the masterpiece.”

2020 sees Aje DeCap teaching Music Theory, Production and Engineering both online and in small groups of five.

#staysafe #stayblessed #stainless

“As BWE Music educates, groom, develop and mentor recording artists, producers, engineers and entertainment personalities, we strive to promote the best in content and quality for years to come.”

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