Read some here; more in my music.

Someone kidnapped me at the tender age of eight, which left me in shock for days. After being found, I was diagnosed with PTSD and many other mental disorders; however, no one helped me.

When I discovered Marshal Mathers, aka Eminem, I became hooked to his music, since then I matured to be a huge fan. Somehow listening to him made me an activist for people who are unable to defend themselves.

When I listen to music, it flows through my every fiber with vibrating frequency!

– Seven Twenty (720)

Music is a form of expressing everything I’m unable to say in everyday conversations. Music gives me an emotional balance and helps me to keep the voices in my head at bay.

I desire to connect with people to let them know that they are not alone, no matter how hard things may seem; 720 is here to help, and I am also an emotional wreck at times. I started repeating Eminem’s music first for of expression until I could find my own words.


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